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Foundation Repair

Supplemental Footings

Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, Inc. offers a full range of foundation solutions from installation of a new foundation to repair of an existing foundation. We are equipped to handle it all from single story to multi-story structures.

In most instances, foundation issues do not need to be considered severe problems. Repair methods most commonly used include installation of concrete piers, helical piers, steel push piers and shallow footings to underpin and/or re-level the problem area of an existing foundation.


Underpinning is the process of modifying an existing foundation by extending it to or into subsurface strata that is deeper and more stable than the near surface soil that supports the existing foundation. Underpinning extends the foundation support to depths that provide greater bearing capacity and/or are less affected by climate and soil conditions. If underpinning is properly designed and installed it will provide the basis for lifting the structure to a more acceptable elevation and will provide vertical support to prevent the underpinned areas from settling.


After the foundation is lifted, we complete the job by pressure grout pumping the area under the slab? Grout pumping reestablishes the fill that has subsided and prevents water from collecting under the foundation. This also prevents point loading of the slab which helps prevent the potential for future foundation problems.

Drilled Concrete Piles

Drilled Concrete Piles

Ewing & Ray Foundation Services, Inc. has the capability to installed drilled concrete piles in confined spaces with less than 8′ of head room and 36’ door openings. These piles can vary from 12’ to 16’ depending on your needs. We drill our piles into the unweathered “Blue” clay that can normally be found at a depth of 32 feet in the Jackson area. The advantage of a concrete drilled pile over any other system is the high lateral strength that this pile has over other systems. These drilled piles are typically only used when there is a slide plane in the soil or there is an increased potential for lateral loads on a building.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers

CHANCE™ manufactured anchors are rated up to 100,000 pounds each. These are available in round or square shafts manufactured from high-strength galvanized steel. Special patented brackets are used to stabilize or lift foundations in distress. Chance™ is the only company with a pre-engineered and manufactured underpinning system evaluated and listed by all the national building code agencies. BOCA Report # 94-27, ICBO Report # EER5110, SBCCI Report # 9504

Once you’re CHANCE™ certified installer has received the plan of repair from a qualified design group or individual, he can proceed with the repair. Remember, one of the best investments you can make is to get a soil boring on your property. This will enable the designer to determine what type of anchor and to what depth it must go to stable soil. Usually the installer will excavate a hole at each anchor location wide enough and deep enough to place a bracket under the foundation. The leading section of the anchor with the proper number and size of helices will be installed by a rotary installing machine. Extensions are added until the helices are at the proper depth and the predetermined torque is achieved. At that point the bracket is added, the load is transferred to the anchor, and the building can be stabilized or lifted according to the plan of repair.

CHANCE™ HELICAL PIER Foundation Systems offer a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems. The patented stabilizing system is backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience.

Supplemental Footings

Supplemental Footings

Steel Reinforced concrete footings known as shallow footings are added to distribute the load of the residence and allow the foundation to be corrected. The principle of the supplemental footing is to distribute the foundation load over an extended area at a stable depth and thus provide increased support capacity. This allows the building to be lifted back toward the original elevations.

Some may wonder about the effectiveness of this type of system. Using this system and pressure grout pumping the voids, this system has been successful if the drainage problems are repaired. If proper soil moisture maintenance is in place this helps insure the stability of the system. Shallow footings are an economical, though less durable, method of repair.

Pressure Grout Pumping

Pressure Grout Pumping Mississippi

Pressure grouting is the process of raising or stabilizing faulty concrete, and is performed on cracked and sunken concrete slabs such as driveways, steps and sidewalks, concrete pavement floors, and other slab on grade surfaces.

In the pressure grouting process, instead of replacing the concrete, cement slurry is pumped under the concrete. This process “lifts” the sunken and uneven surface back into its proper position. Performed properly, pressure grouting can not only bring the concrete up to grade, it can also eliminate costly and irritating water problems by filling hidden cavities under the concrete and diverting water away from the foundation.


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