• Do I need a French Drain System?

    A question that I get when working with clients with drainage issues is the following:

    Do I need to install a French Drain System?

    A lot of people see standing water in their yard and ask me to install a French Drain System.  We feel that that is not always the necessary answer.

    Ewing & Ray feels that if we have a surface water issue, water running off a hill and sitting in a low area, then we need to address the problem with a surface water repair system.  We would recommend starting with the installation of a swale which is re-grading the area to allow the water to drain away from the area.   We typically recommend you contacting a landscaper for the installation of this system.

    The next option would be to install a catch basin system to capture the water and drain it away.  The concerns for this system is they require maintenance (cleaning out so the water flows correctly) and also if the soil settles in another area then now the drainage system is not functioning properly.   The final concern is that if not installed correctly, they can hold water or not be installed with a big enough pipe to handle the water and get it out of the area properly.

    Our philosophy is a surface water issue requires a surface water solution.  This allows us to feel that we are providing the client with the most economical solution to their drainage problem.

    If you have any questions about foundation repairs or concerns for a foundation problem, please call us and we will be glad to assist you.