• What sets Ewing & Ray apart from Everyone Else?

    A question that I have gotten in my over 15 years of working with clients when constructing a New Residence is the following:

    What sets Ewing & Ray Foundation Services apart from everyone else in the Jackson area?

    We are the only foundation repair company in the Jackson, MS area that has been owned and operated over 50 years by Engineers.

    We also have other items that set us apart as follows:

    • We know that there is no one magic system so we offer multiple foundation repair systems (concrete piles, helical piles, supplemental footings and polyurethane foam injection)
    • Since we have been in business for over 50-years, with the Engineers having over 35-years’ of combined experience in the foundation repair industry, we have pretty much seen it all and have designed a way to correct it.
    • We attempt to determine what is causing the issues, and if possible, make recommendations to correct those with the repairs or perform this first and monitor the residence to allow the structure to stabilize first. This may mean that repairs are still needed, but in other situations we have recommend just to monitor. It depends on the situation.
    • We treat each client like family and make the best recommendation for the client, not what is best for E&R. We do everything from come up with a repair plan, to recommend checking the plumbing, to continue to monitor the residence. To us, it isn’t about the sell it is what is best for the client and his needs.

    Ewing & Ray has been in business for over 50 years. If you have any questions about foundation repairs, or concerns for a foundation problem, please call us and we will be glad to assist you.